How can I stay fit when I can’t row for a month?

How can I stay fit when I can't row for a month rowperfect

I’m unable to row for the next month and I can only really use the erg (and for that matter, weights) a few times a week. Other than that, what are good methods for keeping rowing fit?

  1. Running hill sprints (won’t keep you rowing fit but will keep you fit)
  2. Home Exercises body weight circuits (can be done in a bedroom).  Increase number of circuits as fitness improves.
  3. Walk everywhere – carrying a bag.  When you can, alternate walking and running (scout’s pace is 10 of each alternating).
  4. Add light weights to Home Exercises (bean bags velcroed around your ankles / wrists) like these pictured
    Bean bag ankle and wrist weights
    Bean bag ankle and wrist weights

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