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Selection dilemmas.

Isn’t it great how even trivial sports events have the ability to make us face up to difficult questions!

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Selection in the club

In Cambridge we are winding up to the Town Bumps. This site gives an explanation and you can find some video here .
In the club I race for, Champion of the Thames , we are finalising selections for the crews. We have nine men's boats entered so there is necessarily lots of juggling. A nice little dilemma has arisen which encapsulates quite a lot of the difficulties in such a club.

The background is that the club has 5 or so 8's that exist all year, train more or less regularly, and race at most of the local events. While there is a pecking order there is no formal selection and the crews are more like groups of friends than teams in a hierarchy. The club has been doing well recently, the top crew is in the first division of bumps and boats 2 and 3 are also going well.

Now, we are one of the lower boats, did well 2 years ago, less well last year in Div 3 and are looking forward to this year because we think we are going better and have a chance to get some bumps. We have a new recruit in the crew, big, strong, young and competent, he was introduced to us by the club and we have gladly taken him in. Now it is obvious how good he is the higher boats want him and the club is suggesting he move up. What to do?
A nice little moral problem. Do we go with club loyalty or crew loyalty? Does the new man stay with us, help us go well, or go up help the other crew and leave us slower?

Isn't it great how even trivial sports events have the ability to make us face up to difficult questions!


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