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Rowperfect scours the internet for interesting rowing information for you.

There are some amazing generous people who have published rowing coaching manuals, guides and information.

Here is a list of the resources we’ve found online which could be of use to your club.

Note, we do not guarantee that they will be there forever, because they were not created by us.

Rowing Coach and Club Training

  • FISA Level 1 Rowing Club Training Programme – this includes rigging, physiology, technique, training, fitness training and a learning methodology.
  • FISA Level 2 Rowing Club Training Programme – Intermediate tutorials on the same chapter titles plus Rowing Medicine and Specific Fitness Training
  • FISA Level 3 Coaching Manual – a group of articles that provides historical information and reference materials for coaches but is not following a progression from the materials in Level 1 and 2. The FISA Coaching Education Programme was designed to provide a basic programme to follow for those nations who do not have their own national coach education system. However, FISA is currently in the process of working with the International Sport Coaching Framework (ISCF) to provide a better coach education system for rowing coaches around the world looking to expand their knowledge.
  • Advanced Sculling Technique by Dan Boyne in which he details the process of releasing the finish in 3 stages (published from

Training Programmes

Rowing Ireland has a Club Training programme plan with workout suggestions

It is split up into sections through a (short) season.

It contains separate recommendations for training groups Novices / J14-15s; Intermediate J16-18 Club; Senior / J18 International


FISA surveys the boat rigs used by athletes at the World Championships – these links are to their summary findings listing each country, boat class and crew.

A bit of fun

Video of amazing boat control in a single scull

Watch Fabrice Moreau show off his skills handling a single – including doing a racing start with the sculls in backwards!


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