Weekly Rowing Poem: We lose lots now that we are older

A fantastic poem from a Rowperfect reader – Kevin Pyne.  Lyrical, ironic, comedic, and definitely worth the read, this poem is on a subject we can all relate to: growing older.


We lose lots now that
We are older
But we turn up anyway
Because a rower is
A rower
Even if frankly we
Might have had our day

The young ones they
Are all storm and thunder
As the rush to get afloat
Whilst we are more
Graceful and gentile
Having more time to
Look about from out
Of the boat

Besides which we do
What we do out of habit
And not for the winning
Because rowing is
And always will be a habit
For which there is no
Known cure
That is until you finally
Drop dead one day

And another point that
Should in fact be
Remembered by any
Young and up and coming
Member of any rowing crew
Is that even if it is they
Who now win the trophies?
It’s the old stagers who
Often stump up the cash so
As to pay for most if
Not all the things they do.

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