Rowing Lower Back Injury Prevention ebook

Avoiding Rowing Back Injury ebook

Back injuries are very common among rowers.  Rowperfect has curated three chapters of advice and information to help guide coaches and athletes how to manage and avoid this form of injury.

Avoiding Rowing Back Injury ebook
Avoiding Rowing Back Injury ebook

The most common cause of lower back injury in rowers is incorrect posture.

Chapter one is on Posture, including discussion and videos appraising and showing correct

  • Body Angle
  • Lower back posture at both front stops and backstops
  • The Hinge Exercise

Chapter 2 is on Strength and Flexibility and the difference between them.

  • 5 Exercises for flexibility including videos and advanced exercises

Chapter 3 is a discussion about one athlete’s injury and his recovery strategy with tips on stretching exercises.

This book is an advice guide for the club rowing coach who is not a sports injury specialist and who may want to be able to check their athletes’ posture and know ways to improve it through specific exercises which can be built into the training programme.

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