Retro-fitting the MKIV rowing machine monitor to my Rowperfect?

We get a question in quite regularly about whether it's possible to retro-fit the MKIV machine mounted monitor to an old Rowperfect rowing machine.

Here is the answer!

You first have to run two checks on your flywheel. 

Take a look at it vertically from above on the flat side (where there aren't any fins).  If there are large bolts in the fly wheel on the flat side you will need a new fly wheel (this is pricey). 

The second check is to look vertically as before at the side of the cage adjacent to the flat side of the fly wheel.  There are bolts that mount it to the main frame.  If they are sticking out (proud) then it is possible to fit the MKIV rowing machine monitor but they will need to be counter-sunk in order to fit it.  (Not pricey – just a bit of time and some new bolts).

To explain why ….. the MKIV has its own winding coil and magnet to generate the power (it has no batteries) and these two things mount on the fly wheel flat side and the side of the cage facing each other.  If there these surfaces are not flat, we can't mount the magnet / coil. 

With grateful thanks to Michael Hawkins who was the most recent person to ask this question! 

Here is the information sheet specification about the MKIV rowing machine monitor.

MKIV monitor information sheet

Photo of the MKIV monitor  

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