Novice scullers like Magik Oarlocks for ‘security’

We gave a pair of magik oarlocks to a sculler to try out and this was his verdict after 2 weeks trial. 

I tested the MK1 Evolution sculling Oarlocks; I was previously using standard Concept oarlocks.Sweep-MK1-Evolution.jpg

I did approx 6 outings while testing the oarlocks.

My first impressions were positive. The sculls felt a lot more secure in the oarlocks, especially at the front end. Squaring was also assisted by the definite “clonk” that you hear when fully square. I am a novice sculler and previously I was squaring each blade at slightly different time and not getting my right blade fully square all the time, but the MK1 Evolution oarlocks seem to have remedied that fault.

They were easy to use and I have since bought the pair!


Paul Gray

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