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November RowingChat with Mike Davenport

November on RowingChat (the live podcast with knowledgeable guest speakers from the rowing world): Mike Davenport, coach, rowing … read more

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November on RowingChat (the live podcast with knowledgeable guest speakers from the rowing world): Mike Davenport, coach, rowing equipment specialist and rowing book author.

Rowing coach of the year at the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference 2013 and National Coach of the Year from College Rowing Coaches Association, Mike has become a hugely positive influence to coaching in rowing. He was a part of the 1992-95 U.S. World Rowing Championship teams and of the 1996 USA Olympic rowing Team that competed in Atlanta, GA. Much of his passion also lies in the correct calibration and use of rowing equipment. With his skills and expertise he’s ready to tackle any rowing question you throw at him when you sign up!

Eventbrite - Rowperfect: RowingChat with Mike Davenport - Free

Ask your own question when you sign up free. Busy? Not a problem! We’ll send you a link to the recording as soon as it’s uploaded so you can hear Mike answer your question.

We’re excited to continue bringing world class rowers and coaches to you so make the most of it.  Get your questions in by signing up for free. For many rowers it has been the chance of a lifetime to learn from some of the best.

RowingChat: bringing you some of the best coaches and athletes from the world of rowing.

RowingChat is a live and interactive online webinar where viewers get to hear interviews with some of the greatest figures in rowing while text chatting with them directly.

Ask questions straight to our guests using the text chat service during the session or send your questions in beforehand when you sign up.
Get training tips, listen to rowing stories, and start improving yourself as a rower and a rowing coach through RowingChat.


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