New Model Rowperfect

A new design for the Rowperfect Rowing Simulator, completely re-designed by a Dutch-Australian "crew" headed by Casper Rekers who invented the original Rowperfect  is being developed in Australia by Mark Campbell.  This will address some of the design issues you, our customers, have told us about over the years with several other exciting improvements too.

Xeno Muller the Olympic sculling champion is testing a prototype model and writes about it in his blog

We are collating a list of ‘interested’ people to receive information about it when it’s ready.  If you want to join that list, please email us.

2 thoughts on “New Model Rowperfect

  1. peter cook says:


    When do you anticipate the new model will be available and approx what RRP ?
    Also, what is the RRP of the current model please ?

  2. rebecca says:

    We know the first pre-production models are coming off the line this month. As soon as I know any more, I will post onto the site.

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