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Fundraising Ideas for rowing clubs

Every three months we write up the fund raising ideas that we’ve researched for you online.  Use them … read more

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Every three months we write up the fund raising ideas that we’ve researched for you online.  Use them to buy new equipment for your rowing club.

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Row the Distance

Forget the old standby of a row-a-thon on rowing machines in the school gym or at the boathouse. It’s time to do something that will get donors a little more excited. Take the 340 mile row down the Erie Canal as example.  Rivals from Canisius and McQuaid Jesuit High Schools took the challenge to raise money and support for the Juvenile Diabetes Research foundation.  If you’re raising funds for your own boat club, try a similarly impressive distance – perhaps 100 miles. It will be good practice for the crews, and donors might toss a bit more money at it than a 24 hour row-a-thon.

It’s all about a gimmick when it comes to fundraising, so use catchy titles like: Row a Million Metres – throw people off with a gigantic number, the disclaimer will be that you’re splitting it between all team members, and a meter, ain’t that big… John Yeatman did a million meters to raise funds for Marlow Rowing Club’s rebuild after a fire destroyed half the club house.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

The idea of a raffle becomes a lot more interesting when you throw precious stones into the mix.  Use who you know, and in some cases, that may be a jeweler who wants to donate a small diamond for the love of rowing.  Hey, it’s happened before.  Focus on high-quality goods to rake in the tickets, rather than home-baked cookies, etc.

If you also limit the total number of tickets, it encourages people as they have a greater chance of winning.

Fun Fair

Sell tickets to a themed fun fair hosted by your rowing club. Rent carnival games, make cotton candy (candy floss), and finish it all with a rowing race with every team from your club.

Run to Row

Like taking a fish out of water, it can be interesting (and even entertaining) to put athletes into an entirely new physically demanding environment.  Take the 5K run to row race for instance or the Rower’s Revenge Triathlon.  If you want to get more creative, there’s bicycling, swimming, water skiing, cross-country skiing, distance horse-back riding, and just about anything else your creative mind can come up with.  Creativity and uniqueness will only be an asset in this instance.

So tell us, what’s the most creative fundraising endeavour at your rowing club?


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