Exercise Your Legs With Legs Only Rowing

Now That's A Long Drive

Legs only rowing

Try this exercise drill as a way to train the right muscles to do the drive.

  1. Start by rowing normally
  2. Move to keeping your arms straight (just use legs and back swing).
  3. Then remove the back swing so you are rowing legs only (keep leaning forwards through the whole stroke).
  4. Do this for 20 strokes normal; 20 strokes straight arms; 20 strokes legs only; 20 strokes straight arms and 20 strokes normal.
  5. Use half pressure the first time you do the drill. Look at the split on the display of the WR and see how it changes as you remove and add each body part during the drill.
  6. Then do it again at three quarters pressure. Look at the display again – notice any change?
  7. Then do it at firm pressure. Look at the display – notice any change?

This is part of a longer drill sequence Slide Progression from Front Stops.

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