Coxswain Recording Analysis: 2 minute piece

George Kirschbaum coxing a 2 minute piece.

George is the author of the Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing and associated products.

The channel is run by Kayleigh Durm and this is what she says describing the recording.

This is a short track that simply gives another example of how to cox a basic practice piece.  Rowing against another, slower, crew I had to keep my crew focused on the mechanics of the piece.

One of the things I think you can also get from this piece is how you have to be in tune with your crew.

I jumped into the coxswain seat for this practice.  Even though I had cached them for months I never felt in tune and I feel like they might have done better with their regular coxswain.  Coxing is more than technical calls and steering, it is building a bond with your crew so that they can feel confident whenever you make a call.

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