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Coxmate: A Coxswain’s Best Friend

If you’re a cox wanting to up your game, let us introduce you to your new best friends: … read more

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If you’re a cox wanting to up your game, let us introduce you to your new best friends: the Coxmate range for coxswains.  Cheaper than NK (TM) cox boxes but fully compatible with all of their wiring – Coxmate is your answer to a tight budget and a drive to excel.

AA: Audio

The AA has been designed to be durable and low cost.  It has a sophisticated battery management to increase your battery life.  You don’t have to remember to unplug it as this intelligent little system prevents the degredation of the batteries by turning the charger off once batteries are full.   The AA also has increased audio power, reducing distortion and increasing efficiency and battery operating time.  Volume settings are remember from outing to outing and  the microphone connection to the control box is permanent – removing problems associated with unrealiable connection.  AKA, it’s smart, so you have less to do.  Visit the AA product page.

SRT+: Audio + timing + rating

Coxmate SRT+ Plus

The SRT+ is fully equipped with audio amplifier, stroke rate indicator and stopwatch.  It has a tough ABS waterproof box and unique magnetic mounting system.  This simplifies fitting the unit into the boat (it takes less than a second) and enables position and angle adjustment.  The microphone connector is a waterproof jack and a radio input jack is standard for coaches to speak direct to the crew with a radio handset.  Of course there’s also the super-long battery life lasting up to 15 hours (that’s 5 outings).  It’s also a brainiac with the battery automatically powering down if the speakers are disconnected and volume settings are remembered between outings for you.  Read more, or pop one into your shopping cart.

SX – All SRT capabilities + GPS speed measurement

The all-inclusive SX is the most sophisticated of all the rowing amplifier units on the market.  It has inbuilt GPS and displays rating, stroke count, time, speed, distance and cover.  It can also have an optional impeller fitted, which can be calibrated using the GPS.  The SX comes equipped with extra large batteries to accomodate the power consumption of the GPS.  Additional improvements in run-time are achieved through a digital amplifier.  Now if you want to get really technical, you’ll be a coxing machine if you couple the SX with the SX software (enabling detailed rowing data to be transferred to a PC and analysed).  Take a read of the impressive perks of the pair.  An ‘over the side’ impeller is also available – how does a noise free signal for stroke profile analysis sound?  Buy a Coxmate SX

Want to try before you buy?

We give free 2-week trials for Coxmate products.  To take us up on this offer, follow the easy steps:

  1. “Buy” the product from our shop
  2. For payment option choose: check/money order
  3. Add a note: “I would like to try this product for two weeks”

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