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Coaching Coxswains – your summer project

Time presses on the busy rowing coach.  It may seem that it’s never a good time to expand … read more

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Time presses on the busy rowing coach.  It may seem that it’s never a good time to expand your coaching repertoire – and yet….. I guarantee you that this project will pay back dividends for all your other athletes over and over again.

Coaching The Cox

Few coaches were coxes ergo we don’t understand what matters and how to do it (not the rowing machine kind).

Having a skilled cox in the boat you’re coaching makes your life easier.  Here’s how

  • They know the drills
  • You can rely on them to keep the crew focussed
  • Steering errors are fewer
  • The outings are more productive

So the onus is on the coach to learn how to coach coxes.

Rowperfect is the leading rowing education website.  We have pulled together a heap of resources for you and your coxswains.

The Good Coxswain Guide Book

Written and endorsed by Australia Rowing this booklet series is now in electronic form.  12 booklets covering everything from the basics to really advanced skill drills.  Included is a log book where your athlete coxes can record their progress.

Good cox learning education, teaching coxes, rowing The Good Cox Guide books
We’ve put a discount onto the books until 7th July so please have a 50% discount on us.

Buy it for your club – you can share it around because each book is a pdf and so re-usable.

Has your club got a coxing and coaching library?

  • Book 1 – The Cox and The Boat – how to develop coxing skills in application, relating, personal, sporting experience and size
  • Book 2 – Steering the Boat – using rudder, using oars,
  • Book 3 – Using the Voice – smart advice on how to instruct your crew with volume, clarity, timing, authority and motivation
  • Book 4 – Preparation for the Water – everything to check including safety and weather
  • Book 5 – Launching and Landing – all the calls you need and how to get boats out of the shed safely
  • Book 6 – Responsibilities on the water – including commands, communicating with the coach, how to handle motorboat wash and wakes,
  • Book 7 – the Cox as Coach – what is correct technique, drills for improving technique and supporting the coach and crew in land training
  • Book 8 – Race Day Preparation – why is the routine important, what is your schedule and timings at the regatta
  • Book 9 – Starting and Racing – what to do at the start of a race, rules of racing and race plans
  • Book 10 – Safety on the Water – personal safety, equipment safety, traffic and weather conditions
  • Book 11 – Further Drills – cause and effect and curative drills including Stuff the Duck and Catch Slap
  • Book 12 – Coaching the Coxswain – how to empower the role, implement achievable goals, give feedback and reward success
  • Logbook – a self-assessment tool for your coxes to help record learning outcomes
  • Bonus – Regatta checklist for coaches and coxswains

Get even more coxing advice including archived blog posts on our Coxing Page

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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