Coach using Coxswain recording analysis

Today’s piece from Kayleigh Durm is a recording of an eights race.  It illustrates skill and response to tactics used by the opposing crews.  Highly recommend you sharing this with your club coxes.

Sarah Harrick, University of Virginia WJV8+

Eastern Sprints final 1999

“One of the coolest, most exciting races I have ever listen to.  This is a neck and neck race for the EAWRC championship.  Sarah wraps everything into one package to bring the gold home: tactics, attitude, skill.”

The recording comes from a collection made by George Kirschbaum on the Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing Audio.

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rowing Coxswain audio recordings
Coxswain audio recordings


Kayleigh has 10 other blog posts of coxswain recordings on her website – these include high schools, university crews, International coxes and side by side as well as head races.

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