Classic text re-issued: Steve Fairbairn “On Rowing”

Today we are publishing an electronic edition of the classic ON Rowing.  Written over a century ago by Steve Fairbairn, this wonderful, short, concise

Steve Fairbairn Kindle edition
Steve Fairbairn Kindle edition

and precise book should be the rowing coach’s bible.

Now for sale on Amazon Kindle Store worldwide – with other Rowperfect e-books.

Grateful thanks to Diana Cook of Richard Way Booksellers in Henley on Thames, who had the idea; Peter Mallory for his excellent essays included in this new edition.

Buy yours from Amazon (£7.71 UK), ($9.71 USA), ($10.66 Australia), (EUR 7,62 France), (EUR 7,62 Spain), (EUR 7,62 Germany),

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