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We want to see your Christmas rowing pictures!

We here at Rowperfect want to see how all of you celebrate a rowing Christmas! So, has your … read more

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We here at Rowperfect want to see how all of you celebrate a rowing Christmas!

So, has your club had an epic Christmas party this year? Or have you been running Plum Pudding Races? If you have, share your pictures with us here at Rowperfect!

We want to see all of your Christmas rowing photos? Maybe they are funny, or just plain awesome? If you do, we want to see them!

Head over to the Rowperfect Facebook page and post your best Christmas rowing photos for us, so that we can share the best ones! We’ve included a few we managed to find on the internet, but we’re sure you guys can do better!

And just some advance warning, our Christmas quiz will be released on the 24th. Challenge yourself, challenge your friends!


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