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We just took an order from Sean in Australia to Hire Walter Martindale in Canada – how’s that … read more

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We just took an order from Sean in Australia to Hire Walter Martindale in Canada – how’s that for a collaboration.  Across country and timezone boundaries.

Buy remote Rowing Coach services from a wide range of experts from lightweights to dieticians.

Walter specialises coaching mainly technique:
Walter Martindale Rowing CoachWalter Martindale Rowing Coach

  • Coaching the coach,
  • Sweep technique,
  • Sculling technique.
  • I can offer rigging suggestions based on video and provided measurements.
  • Training plans for competitive preparation.
  • Video analysis using SiliconCOACH

My main strength is in on-water in-the-boat coaching (coach boat, that is) but it’s largely through application of skills-drills.

I like to develop the catch.  A good catch depends on a balanced recovery, which depends on a good release/start of recovery, which depends on a good drive, which depends on… you guessed it, a good catch.

I’m “into” fair selection methods using measurable criteria, training based on what physiologists tell us, not necessarily what coaches from the 1950s taught coaches from the 1970s who taught that to coaches in the 1980s… etc…

Also – my technical coaching is based on “Qualitative Biomechanics Principles” laced with an understanding of what research tells us about what is actually happening in a boat.

Fees and services offered

  • Email – 1 unit [put 1 into the shopping cart quantities]
  • Skype conversation – 3 units (due to logistics/timing) [put 3 into the shopping cart quantities]
  • Video analysis (providing marked-up return video via SiliconCoach software) – 5 units [put 5 into the shopping cart quantities]
  • Training Programme – 5 units/month [put 5 into the shopping cart quantities]

Walter Martindale Coaching track record

3 seasons University of British Columbia (rowing), 2 summers Burnaby Lake Aquatic Club. Won Alberta Open M1X, M2X, M4+ (1982). Completed Masters thesis in mechanical energy patterning in sculling.

I have Level 4 coaching certificate from Rowing Canada, Coached people in their developmental stages, who have gone on to international success with other coaches: Kathleen Heddle, Brie Ellard, Rachelle (deJong) Viinberg.  Coached UBC Lightweight Men, Novice Women, Novice Men. Coached Winnipeg Rowing Club, Coached Calgary Rowing Club. Provincial Coach for Saskatchewan Rowing (6 years) and Alberta Rowing (6 years).  Regional Coach for Southland and Otago, NZ (3 years). Coach Development Manager for Rowing New Zealand (2.5 years).

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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