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6 Ways to Treat a Rowing Blister

Olivia Flexing Rowing Gloves Rowperfect

What happens if despite your best efforts you finish the row with a new set of blisters? Rowing blisters are our most common injury.  Many are the theories and practices but here’s what I do and what I advise my athletes to do: The blister is still raised and filled with fluid.  Use a sterilised […]

Race Plans for coaches and coxswains

Today the Rowing Coach helps you out with suggestions about how to build up a race plan and what the ‘ideal’ race profile looks like. Looking like a race? So your crews are about to embark on their straight-course racing for the summer? How are they looking?  What is their race going to look like […]

Race plans for coaches and coxswains part 2

That’s your crew approaching the 1000m mark. This should be interesting: there’s a big move planned at the 1000, 20 strokes to put pressure on the other crews; 20 strokes pushing as though they’re starting the race again . . . Right now, they’re lying third. The boat looks to be moving okaaay . . […]

How to Cox a Masters Rowing Crew

So you’ve succumbed to the entreaties of the Masters rowers in your Club and agreed to cox them for this outing, even (and there are no limits to the cunning and guile age brings) agreed that you might be available for that regatta comfortably distant in the future. There are some things you should know […]

Warming up for Rowing – How to get it right Part 3

In our last part of this mini-series on how to warm up, Raf Wyatt shares her insights. Have you have ever had to battle to get your rowers to warm up before training? Before a race?  Before testing?  I mean, really warm up with sweat and raised heart rates and loose muscles and everything . […]

Structure of US University rowing competitions

Unlike the case with most major collegiate sports in the U.S., collegiate rowing is not governed by “conferences” or groups of schools that join together for marketing and scheduling purposes. Larger rowing programs in the States are part of the “Intercollegiate Rowing Association” which consists mostly of East Coast Ivy League schools. They compete in […]

Finishing strokes -one last thing for your rowing video

Just every now and then you get the chance to compare two styles of rowing within the same boat – no, that happens quite often – let me rephrase that.  Sometimes you get lucky and someone rowing the way you would like is sitting in the same boat as others who should be rowing the […]

Avoiding Rowing Blisters: When Prevention is Better than Cure

Rowing Blisters: Part 4 For when you really, really, really don’t want blisters . . . Rowperfect met up with Surgeon Philip Game at the Australian National Masters Regatta in Tasmania; he was really keen to show us how he looked after his hands.  I should warn you that the methods he uses aren’t for […]