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Are you a Rowing Superstar?

There’s a new rowing data app in town called CREW by True Rowing – founded by Bruce Smith … read more

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There’s a new rowing data app in town called CREW by True Rowing – founded by Bruce Smith and Matt Lehrer both ex CRI in Boston, MA, USA they are working on closing the gap between gym erg rowing and on-water rowing.  CREW aims to stream live training advisory sessions over the internet to viewers anywhere in the world.

Here’s how they are getting started.

Today, CREW is on your iPad, connected via Bluetooth to your Concept2 rowing machine. In 2019, CREW will also offer a beautiful new kind of rowing machine designed from scratch with home exercise and on-water instruction in mind.

Rowing Super Star submissions Rowing Super Star submissions

Inspirational rowing instructors needed

The team want to recruit rowing instructors who can run workouts either on the water or in the gym and they are looking for people who can communicate well to camera – and also know rowing!

Details of how to enter are on the Rowing Super Star website – it involves an Instagram video submission and a hashtag – so it’s not difficult.

Send them a 60 second video of yourself explaining why you are a great instructor and you’ll be in to win a free trip to Boston and $1,000 for a test shoot.  [Now they don’t say much about overseas travel – but don’t let that put you off!].  Entries close 25 June 2018

Tips for Success

  • Authenticity wins – Show us the best version of yourself!
  • You can choose to row during your video – on the erg, on the water whatever you can make work
  • Talk directly to the camera and make eye contact
  • Let us know how you would inspire thousands of new rowers

What’s next for CREW?

Rumours are that they intend developing their own rowing machine – now this will be essential if they want you to row along watching a video of a water-based athlete.  It’s pretty darn difficult on a fixed head ergo (Concept 2, Water Rower) to stay in time because the dynamics of the engineering don’t align.  If you are on a floating head erg (C2 Dynamic, RP3) then it’s easy. Watch the video to see how differently they move.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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