A Rowing Poem

A fantastic poem from a Rowperfect reader – Kevin Pyne.  Lyrical, ironic, comedic, and definitely worth the read, his poem touches on all the important things in life: love, death and rowing!

I love you when we

Are rowing

Even if you are

Better than I

Will ever be

After all I am eight

Years older

And you are much

Fitter then me


I think it’s the way

You cleave your

Blade in

As the puddles we


And I am sure one

Day I will die

On the return

Because you row

So very fast


But I don’t mind

The thought of

Dying when I

Row out with you

Because if I am

Lucky enough

To row out with

A younger woman

Then what is there

That is better for

An older man to do


Besides which our

Kids will come home

For the funeral

And they are all

Rowers too

So after they have

Tipped me into a pit

I am sure that they

Will want to come

And have row with you


So don’t waste money

On fancy flowers

Of buying booze

For an expensive wake

But just get out there

And line up

So as to remember me

By going out rowing

With all my late rowing mates

You can look forward to another rowing poem from Kyle next week, at Rowperfect.

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