Coaching your coxswain – yes, you CAN

By Rebecca Caroe

Bad coxing starts with poor coaching.  Improved coxing comes from an understanding of the best way to instruct.  Few coaches have been coxswains and so take a quick educational guide from a Coxswain, Chelsea Dommert, who found that she was frustrated by the un-clear instructions she got from her coach.  So she wrote the book […]

coaching the coxswain

What makes a Good Coxswain?

By Rebecca Caroe

It’s important to acquire a deep knowledge of your sport in order to acquire mastery and eventually become an expert.  Here’s a video (transcript notes below) of Marcus McEllenney the US national mens 8 coxswain at 2008 Olympics explaining What makes a Good Coxswain. Becoming a good coxswain – everything boils down to awareness.  Most […]

Coxmate rowing amplification harness loom

Understanding Coxmate boat wiring configurations

By Rebecca Caroe

Electronics for rowing boats are our specialism and today we are going to help you understand the different wiring configurations which are possible in rowing boats.  This focuses on fours and eights with coxswain.  Read the full product brochure for Coxmate wiring harness. Rowing boats that use amplification have several different ways to add speakers so […]

Christo Redentor rowing

Blogs about Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Prompted by a great question on the World Rowing LinkedIn Group I thought Rowperfect should compile a list of Rowing Bloggers.  Please add others in the comments and we will add to this resource. Rowing Education Rowperfect is the Rowing Education blog covering coaching, training, coxing Athlete Rowing Blogs Julien Bahrain – French speaking Canadian international […]

nereus, dutch rowing, henley royal regatta

Coxing lessons from Henley Royal Regatta 2016

By Rebecca Caroe

The mass of disruption and upsets at 2016 Henley Royal Regatta’s final day shows how much is at stake in a top rowing race. A Guest post by Coxmate. Disqualifications, steering upsets and champions overturned by upstarts – all goes to show that you can’t say “rowing is boring to watch”. Steering at Henley There […]

Coaching Coxswains – your summer project

By Rebecca Caroe

Time presses on the busy rowing coach.  It may seem that it’s never a good time to expand your coaching repertoire – and yet….. I guarantee you that this project will pay back dividends for all your other athletes over and over again. Coaching The Cox Few coaches were coxes ergo we don’t understand what matters […]

Rowing Balance in a quadruple scull

Drills for balance in crew sculling

By Rebecca Caroe

Following from our article about what affects balance in crew sculling, here are some drills which you can practice to help improve your balance. What causes bad balance in rowing? Balance in rowing is created by two things: your body and the oars or sculls. So if your boat is off-balance, first thing to check is […]