Announcing the WiggleFish Rowing Dry Bag

When we go rowing, we sometimes get wet.  It seems it’s time for a really good rowing dry bag – and we’ve found one for you which was developed for swimming in fast flowing rivers.

The WiggleFish was designed by a swimmer

This products are used by River Rhine swimmers who get into the river at one point on the bank.  Because the stream is so fast, they cannot get out of the river at the same place and so they swam downstream and had to walk back up the bank. 12 years ago a Swiss swimmer, who was sick and tired of leaving his clothes behind when he got into the water, (and they got nicked during his swim) decided he needed a bag for his clothes which he could take into the water.

Swimmers en mass with WiggleFish bags
Swimmers en mass with WiggleFish bags

Rowing uses for Dry Bags

Avid user, Volker Fritz says

On my rowing holidays I used to use the small WiggleFish to put my belongings (Cell phone, money, keys etc.) inside. Once wrapped, it perfectly fits under the sliding seat or next to the stretcher. So it is always easy to reach and instantly available when you want to do pictures.

My larger WiggleFish back pack I use to store my spare clothes and belongings during the row, extra shirt, bank shoes and spare water. This bag is stowed in the bow or stern of the touring rowing boat. I also use it when I hike in rainy weather.

WiggleFish features

WiggleFish dry bags are waterproof and made of lightweight, durable ripstop nylon.  The bags have an easy to use fold seal system and a carrying strap.  Simply place your belongings inside the waterproof bag, roll up the tail seven times, strap the bag securely onto your boat and off you go!

If you leave air inside the bag when closing so it is inflated, the bag will float making it also useful when swimming, tubeing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and wake boarding.

Available Colours:

Orange, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Red.

Buy your Small WiggleFish, Medium WiggleFish and Large WiggleFish here.

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