Waterproof socks for winter rowing

Are you rowing in winter? Do you know what it feels when rain water poured along your legs and little by little wets your socks? Want to keep your feed warm and dry? Rowperfect just took delivery of some new waterproof rowing socks.

Well, its time to think about your feet. Protect and keep them warm with water proofed socks from our sock shop: Some of them have been rewarded as the best waterproofed socks

Crosspoint Hi-Viz Waterproof Socks

How about some Hi Vis Socks. They are really comfortable to wear. They fit nicely into the rowing shoe. The magic membrane makes them 100% water and snow proof. They are developed to solve the soggy toe problem and to keep your feet dry while cycling, running, hiking, or rowing in the rain.





Ultra Thin Socks Modal Outer Layer
Ultra Thin Socks Modal Outer Layer

What about some Ultra Thin Waterproof socks?

This ultra-thin sock is a step forward for waterproof footwear suitable for rowing. Designed by the experts at Dexcel, This unique stylish sock is claimed as the world’s thinnest waterproof sock and can be used for everyday use as well as outdoor rowing activities. The ultra-thin fabric is also very flexible, highly breathable and is bamboo lined making it antibacterial – nobody wants foot fungus!






Dexshell Thermlite Socks Adults
Dexshell Thermlite Socks Adults

Cold feet? We have a solution for you!

So you want a warm sock to row in – this is a good basic choice at a low price.  This stylish and durable over-ankle length sock is a must-have for your outdoor ventures. The lightweight style of the sock incorporates a merino wool lining complete with terry loop cushion padding from toe to heel providing exceptional comfort.







Try them out! Find more socks in our shop! And a hooray for warm feet!

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