Watching the opening ceremony

Conductor's white suit with yellow braid is quite something to see… opening music.

BBC self-fulfilling advert picks out GB W4X (rowing) and Rebecca Romero (cycling) as athletes to watch.  Well Steve Redgrave and Michael Johnson are in the studio with Sue Barker.

firework footprints…   stepping from central Beijing to the stadium.  Awesome.     

Apparently the USA chose Lopez Lamont a Sudanese-born athlete to carry their flag. Unanimously. He became a US citizen a year ago.

The cutesy child singing is apparently a 'typical' Chinese schoolgirl.   

Clever etching onto gigantic 'scroll' by dancers who paint circles as they move. 

Now the development of the early Chinese script.  "Harmony" is the chosen character. 

String puppets on a platform.  "fantastic precision of movement" The Chinese certainly do mass displays very well. 

Chinese seafaring and adventure – people with long "oars" symbolising boats. 

5 glorious stages of Chinese history…. 

And hundreds of Tai Chi dancers. The large set piece dances are fabulous.

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