Tours and Rowing Camps

Rowing is not just about racing. Rowing holidays and rowing tours are an alternative way to enjoy both the fun of the sport and also seeing new places. And as we all know, experiencing a place from the water is very different from the land-side views.

Rowing Tours

Rowing in Portugal. (Photo credit: Rowing in Europe)

Specialist tour operators offer guided rowing holidays to incredible parts of the world. Most travel in sculling boats (rather than sweep) and offer coxed quad / fours with each athlete both rowing and steering (coxing) during the holiday.

Boats may be sliding seat or fixed seat. Some offer side by side seating and others have seats in a single line. Because they are larger boats, beginners can easily join in and have an enjoyable time as well as more experienced athletes.

The balance of rowing (3-4 hours a day) with sightseeing and other activities such as wine tasting, culinary, and cultural gives you the chance to both relax and exert yourself in one holiday.

Rowing Training Camps

Rowing vacation , Tour rowing, rowing holiday, Cantabria Spain
Fixed Seat Rowing in Spain. (Photo: Rowing in Europe)

Acquiring improved rowing and sculling skill is another great holiday objective. Training camps are holidays for those who want to build their expertise in the sport and, unlike rowing tours, are based around physical activity and usually at a single location.

Expert coaches are on hand to offer individual and crew guidance – the improvements you get when coached by an Olympian or a high calibre coach cannot be underestimated. This could be the perfect way to kick-start your rowing for next season, to get a refresher in the body movements or to log some serious mileage for your winter training goals.

Are you a rowing camp or tour operator? Get in touch and send us your dates and details and we will publish them below

Rowing Tours and dates 

This is where you can search for tours and camps coming up around the world.  Each event is listed by date with [CAMP] or [TOUR] so you can see the difference.  Camps are training events with expert coaching usually in one place on a single lake or river.  Tours are rowing holidays where you row from place to place at a more leisurely speed.

The country and location of the tour or camp and the names of the coaches or operators are also in the event listing title.

Click on any listing and it opens a window so you can see more details and booking links to external websites.

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