Masters rowers – want to get faster?

By Rebecca Caroe

Announcing Faster Masters the Rowing Coaching membership service for masters rowers and scullers developed with expert coach Marlene Royle.. It is called Faster Masters and will launch to the public on 1 October 2016. What is Faster Masters? The programme is 7 “lessons” each comprising a video and transcript plus some additional guides written as pdf ebooks. […]

Achieving Ease and Comfort in the Boat by Troy Howell

The Ultimate Guide for Comfort in a Rowing Boat

By Rebecca Caroe

For everyone who’s every been frightened of tipping out, capsizing or does not feel at ease in a rowing boat – this new book is for you and your coach.  If you’ve ever watched a really skilled oarsman or woman work their craft, you will realise that they all have one common skill and that […]

Glide One – the birth of a great value, durable single scull

By James Halpin

“How do we avoid spending our Friday afternoons fixing up our club singles”? That was the question that inspired rowers Paul Godsafe and James Bellis to begin the development of the GlideOne single scull. Today’s single sculls, built in exotic composite materials, offer lightness and rigidity perfect for experienced rowers. However, they are typically expensive, […]

Buyers Guide: quick release rowing rigger fittings

By Jeremy Peskey

There is often a substantial opportunity cost associated with removing conventional wing riggers in order to maximise the storage space in the boathouse. Many athletes and crews will argue the time taken to dismantle each boat after the session comes at a high price for the amount of space gained. How much space is gained […]

Jimmy Joy is a Master Rowing Coach

By Rebecca Caroe

Jimmy Joy is a master coach.  A master rowing coach is not only absolutely familiar with the techniques of sculling the “how to do it” but also the Mind from which the sport flows.  Sport, generally speaking, and particularly athletic activities like sculling are potential openings to Source, to the essential rhythms, cycles and unity […]