AMA Your Rowing Rigging questions answered

By Rebecca Caroe

We are stoked that Mike Davenport has agreed to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on rigging for rowing and sculling for Rowperfect readers. It will run on our new Masters Rowing International Facebook Page on Tuesday 12th September. Put it in your calendar…. Mike is the author of the Nuts and Bolts Guide […]

RowingChat with Rebecca Caroe, owner of Rowperfect

By Rebecca Caroe

We decided to turn the tables for August and to interview Rebecca Caroe who hosts RowingChat. Joe de Leo, expert podcaster from the Leo Training Podcast agreed to be the guest host. Listen to RowingChat with Rebecca Caroe on SoundCloud Timestamps to the interview 01:00 Introduction and background in rowing 08:00 My introduction to Thames Tradesmens […]

We have agreed a slightly different format for August RowingChat – Joe de Leo will interview Rebecca Caroe as the guest!

By Rowperfect UK

  Rebecca is a rower, coach and masters athlete and the co-owner of Rowperfect with her husband, Grant Craies.  The discussion will centre on how Rowperfect became an international web phenomenon and the fourth most popular rowing website in the world. Joe is a member of the Strength Coach Roundtable and expert podcaster on the Leo Training podcast. If you’ve […]

How to use the RP3 to teach rowing co-ordination

By Rebecca Caroe

Casper Rekers designed and built the original Rowperfect (now renamed RP3) from 1987 to his death in 2010.  He presented a series of papers to Rowing Coaching conferences and we think his material is great and worth re-appraising.  This article is an extract from his written conference presentations. RP teaches co-ordination For many of us […]

british rowing coach, rowperfect, sport coach survey

British Rowing Acknowledges Rowperfect

By Rebecca Caroe

We are stoked that British Rowing mentioned Rowperfect in their Coaches Survey as a source of rowing education. If you’re in the UK and haven’t taken the British Rowing coaches survey, please do so today – And share this post to your coaching friends.

Eucatape for rowing blister prevention

A user reviews Blister Tape for Rowing

By Tabhitha Tang

Eucatape is an innovative blister prevention tape that has hit the rowing market with quite a splash. Originally designed for drummers, the brains behind Eucatape have developed a version of the tape specifically for rowers! What makes Eucatape for Rowin’ so unique is the cooling, soothing anti-inflammatory properties found within the fibres of the tape […]

Force Curve RP3 showing current stroke and previous stroke overlay

In-boat force curves for rowing and sculling

By Rebecca Caroe

Following our article about testing Rowing Force Curve analysis in a rowing tank, we got a great question from Graham Spittle Fascinating stuff and Helen’s angles and power curves are so consistent. I have a C2 so can get one dimensional power curves to some extent but not sculling differentials of power/angles for bow/stroke-side. I’m a […]

Masters International discussion with Marlene Royle

By Rebecca Caroe

Calling all masters rowers – we have started a Facebook Group called “Masters Rowing International” to enable masters rowers to discuss topics of interest and also to get expert advice from Marlene Royle. The Group has over 1500 members at the time of writing from Hong Kong, China to Uzbekistan and Alaska.  Discussion is in […]