Rowing pair capsize

Capsize drill – how to get back in a rowing boat after flipping

By Rebecca Caroe

Today we are going to look at several different videos teaching how to get back into a rowing boat after having fallen in. British Rowing official capsize drill The first minute shows a capsize using a camera on the boat Note the athlete is fully submerged and then pulls her feet out of the shoes […]

Masters International discussion with Marlene Royle

By Rebecca Caroe

Calling all masters rowers – we have started a Facebook Group called “Masters Rowing International” to enable masters rowers to discuss topics of interest and also to get expert advice from Marlene Royle. The Group has over 1500 members at the time of writing from Hong Kong, China to Uzbekistan and Alaska.  Discussion is in […]

Ankle flexibility rowing

Improve ankle flexibility for rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

If you find compressing into the catch in sculling or rowing is a challenge – particularly if you are the steersman (toe) of a coxless boat, you need to have the ability to improve your ankle flexibility.  Here’s how, thanks to our good friends at Rowfficient. First test your ankle flexibility Stand 4 inches off […]

J16 girls eight rigging rowing shell

How to rig a J16 girls rowing eight

By Rebecca Caroe

Just wondering if you have any advice for setting up a J16 junior girls 8+ rigging and oar length? I would say 4 of them are lightweight size and 4 heavyweight? Thanks Thanks for your question – we have a quick answer and a longer one. The quick answer is to copy what a known […]

Sara Hendershot

RowingChat with Sara Hendershot Intensity Training Specialist Rowing Coach

By Rebecca Caroe

RowingChat today was with Sara Hendershot-Lombardi, a pioneer introducing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to rowing coaching. She discovered this alternative method of training after serious personal injury, rehabilitation and recovery as she challenged for a place in the US Rowing team for Rio Olympics. Sara runs Rowfficient, the training company whose Project UP is […]

Ergo 2k test rowing

2k Max Ergo Training Techniques

By Rebecca Caroe

I am keen to look at 2k max training techniques. At moment my best is 6:55. However that is just by being reasonably fir and strong. Would love to actually train specifically? Can you help please? In order to improve your personal 2k score, you need individual training. A plan written for you and a […]

Olympic Preview – Rowing pairs

By Rebecca Caroe

Womens coxless pairs For the Rio Olympic regatta – the top crews fancied by Dan Spring are Canada – the wildcard entry “Canada have made the somewhat bold decision to boat an entirely new combination for Rio.” Great Britain “The British dominate the W2- in nearly the same way as Murray and Bond dominate the M2-. They […]