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Searching for A Rowing Job? Apply Now

Are you a rowing coach looking for a new opportunity? Or are you a Geography teacher looking for a step up in Oxford? Then you have come to the right place. There are some coaching positions currently available in amazing places across the UK and the world. The following advertisements are from The Rowing Service […]

Does your occupation affect your rowing?

This is a true story but names have been changed for reasons that will become obvious. Once upon a time I was responsible for Under 23 crews in a country that also won’t be named (those who know my history a bit will figure this gives a choice of three.)  Trials time had rolled around […]

Is Sport Elitist?

We have just seen the usual flurry of reportage, analysis and comment about the Boat Race.  I decline to call it the BNY Mellon Boat Race, which is probably a failure in etiquette, but I do intend to add my might to the outpourings from scribes around the world about this unique and fascinating race.  […]

Does size matter? & How I choose a coxswain.

Selecting which rowers to put in a crew is a difficult and stressful task.  Choosing which cox to put in the crew is often more difficult. With rowers, a coach has access to large amounts of more or less objective data.  There are a series of maximum ergometer test scores backed up by lots of […]

Prognostic Times for Rowing Part 2 – The History Of Prognostics

 This is part two of our series on Using Prognostic Times for training. In the Part 1 we looked at What are prognostic times, and why to use them? If you missed part one go and take a look at Prognostic Times – Part 1. Today we’re looking at the History of Prognostics and How […]

Does your rowing club support your coaches?

Most rowing clubs are short of coaches.  It is a rare phenomenon to find a club with a surplus of willing volunteers to take on a task seen by most as onerous and difficult.  As I said in my last blog clubs need to use what they have to hand; if 16 year olds and Masters […]

Rowing Routines or Rote Procedure

In the online dictionary I use one of the definitions of routine is: regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure. I checked this after reading Mike Davenport’s latest addition to his Playbook. Mike’s piece was thought provoking as usual and it got me thinking of sitting on the bank at our NZ School’s Championships a.k.a. […]

4 ways to use video with your rowing crews – Part 1

Not everyone has a mirror flat lake as in Switzerland and a motorboat driver who can put you directly alongside your crew to take perfect rowing video. Most of us have to deal with waterways that are crowded, have curves and trees that interrupt your view from the tow-path.  That’s why the video camera doesn’t […]

Interview with Carlos Dinares: coach to Ursula Grobler WLwt 1x

Following Ursula Grobler’s amazing World Record on the ergo , we contacted her coach, Carlos Dinares, to find out the “secret” of her rapid rise within the sport.