Strapping tape for rowing injury becoming popular

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We have seen it in Rotterdam at the WRC III again. Strapping Tape is becoming more and more popular. Athletes were using it in the warm up area and while preparing for their race.

Do it like the champions: When you need support and strapping tape for rowing injuries, use the D3 Tape. This world`s first 6.0m length kinesiology tape is perfect for self-management rowing injuries.

K6.0 Kinesiology tape is an elastic cotton blend acrylic coated latex-free bandage. It can help take pressure off  overused muscles, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries.

Do you want to do your own injury management?

Kinesiology Tape for Rowing injuries.

Using Kin-Tape: Nico Stahlberg, SUI

Being able to strap up your own body to give support while you recover from an injury seems like a no-brainer for rower.In other sports it is visibly used on a regular basis. So why don`t rowers use it much more? Seems that only the top athletes know about the advantages.

I suspect it’s mainly that we aren’t sure how to use the tape – luckily there are helpful videos available on the D3 YouTube channel showing how to strap yourself or get a friend to help. View the D3 Tutorial Videos on YouTube for ShoulderNeckLong BackLower BackElbow, HamstringKneeCalf.Please consult a physiotherapist in case you need fürther instructions.

And of course buying a full six meters length of tape means it should last you for a very looooonnnnnng time!

What do rowers think of D3 tape?

We asked for testers and Myles Dickinson Brown stepped up – here’s his review.

“I had a knee injury. During the 8+ workout I became severe knee pain. This was mainly at the catch and when doing endurance workout with high stroke rates. The Rowperfect bandage helped me and  gave support on the knee and muscles. It stabilized my knee. I can recommend the tape. The videos explain well, it is easy to bind. The bandage gives support where it is neede. By the way, my knee pain is gone”
Rowing Knee strapping with D3 tape
Knee strapping with D3 tape

Buy your Kinesiology Tape from Rowperfect shop

We’ve listed Kinesiology Tape among the Blister prevention category and also under “Tape” in a new category.  Note that the image has a range of colours and we cannot guarantee to supply any one given colour.

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