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Recovery Drink - can
Recovery Drink – satchet

Sponser Recovery Drink



SPONSER® Recovery Drink is a fruity carbohydrate-protein drink free from lactose for a normal restoration (recovery) after physical exercises. Contains short and long chain carbohydrates for energy supply.

  • based on whey and casein protein hydrolysate
  • whey protein isolate from cross flow microfiltration provides concentrated, natural proteins with high quality co factors (25% BCAA)
  • enriched with the free amino acids leucine (2%) and glutamine (2%)
  • enriched with the soluble dietary fibre inuline


  • wide spectrum of effects: energy, construction and preservation
  • preparation with water
  • complete vitamin spectrum
  • without artificial sweeteners


To be taken within 1 hour after training and in between, or up to 1 hour before training to support muscle constitution. 1-2 servings daily.




– Strawberry-Banana






Packaging Unit

Box 6 x 60g, 60g Sachet, Can 1200g


Box 6 x 60g / 200 x 300 x 15 – 600g
60g Sachet / 100 x 100 x 10 – 100g
Can of 1200g 400 x 300 x 15 -1500g


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