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Sponser Pro Recovery


Can of 900g Flavour: Vanilla

PRO Recovery is a high quality protein supplement with a 30% carbohydrates proportion. Contributes to a growth in muscle mass and its maintenance after intensive physical activities.

The protein components are based on high quality whey protein isolate as well as on natural micellar casein. As additional components, the product contains colostrum, free amino acids and protein hydrolysates (short chain peptide). The protein mix provide a high quality amino acid spectrum both for short as well as for long lasting availability.

With barley starch and rice starch hydrolysat (a.o. VitargoTM). VitargoTM has molecular weight about 100x higher than traditional starch.


  • Focus: growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Only 0.6 g of lactose per portion
  • Convenient preparation with water
  • With colostrum


Preferably 1 Shake before and after physical exercise.





Factsheet 50/36 Vanilla






Weight 1010 g
Dimensions 12 × 21.2 × 12 cm


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