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Sponser Nitroflow Performance


Box 10 x 7g

NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE – complete and uncompromising solution to maximise your performance: PREPARE – PERFORM – PROTECT – RECOVER

The product contains a unique combination of several functional ingredients, scientifically tested with athletes and recommended by opinion leaders*. The impact of these ingredients has also been tested and proven in several studies.

  • Innovative NO booster for endurance and strength athletes
  • With extracts from 29 plants as well as L-citrulline
  • Antioxidative cell protection
  • Regeneration/recovery


Endurance and interval training/exercise: Daily during approx. 5 days prior competition, for maximum performance the last sachet approx. 3 hours before the start. Intake for 1-2 days after intensive training phases to support regeneration and recovery.
Strength/Power athletes: 1-2 hours before competition or intensive trainings to support performance and regeneration.

Combined utilisation with RED BEET VINITROX containing nitrate for maximised NO building and athletic performance.





Weight 90 g
Dimensions 7 × 10.2 × 7 cm

Box 10 x 7g


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