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Rowing Stronger eBook by Will Ruth

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Written by a former rower, Will Ruth, this is the latest weight training strength and conditioning book especially for the sport of rowing.
Rowing, unique among Olympic sports, requires both strength and endurance—yet most training programs focus on the latter. Balanced, progressive strength training delivers power to the rowing stroke and protects the athlete from injury.
This manual teaches the principal weight lifts suitable for rowing, how to write a periodized training program and how to adapt the program to suit your team and crew.
With additional chapters for lightweights, masters, youth, coxswains, overtraining syndrome and how to train for winter head racing.

1 review for Rowing Stronger eBook by Will Ruth

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah Risser

    Will Ruth’s guide to strength training, Rowing Stronger, is impressively comprehensive–valuable for rowers of all ages and levels and a welcome (much needed!) resource for coaches. Ruth breaks the year down into four specific training blocks. Each individual block focuses on a primary skill/attribute to develop in addition to a secondary skill/attribute to maintain, ensuring continuity and steady progress throughout the year. Ruth provides ample information which allows individual rowers to tailor a plan specific to their goals and abilities and leaves virtually no gaps. Ruth provides specific information for 2k vs. head races, lightweight rowers, and different time constraints. Ruth provides detail on the most beneficial lifts and exercises for rowers along with an ideal number of sets and reps to perform for optimal results specific to each block in addition to recommendations for on-the-water/erg training. He provides links to supplemental videos. He explains the importance of strength training to injury prevention.

    As a masters rower I’ve had six years of coaching with virtually no guidance on strength training or periodization. This is an outstanding resource that should be on every rower and every coach’s shelf.

    • Rebecca Caroe

      Thanks Sarah, I’ve made this into a blog post too.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    A concise summery of periodization method and strength training.
    Firm and valid recommendation of the benefit of weight lifting for rowers.
    Author offers a suggestion on how to structure a long-term plan incorporating basic strength principals.

    • Rebecca Caroe

      Ivan – thanks so much for this book review. Really appreciate you taking the time to write to us.

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