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Faster Masters Intro Membership

(2 customer reviews)


Get a taste for Faster Masters before you commit to the whole package!

The Faster Masters Intro Membership Includes the COMPLETE Episode 1 Package.


  • Educational Video: “Review of Technique”
  • The full video Transcript
  • Extensive notes for Sculling & Sweeping
  • And membership of the Facebook Group Masters Rowing International (click link to join)

Enjoy! – We guarantee you’ll be coming straight back for more!

Faster Masters Gold Testimonials

Stefan Paetow I was one of the early testers and found it very useful!

Steven Maynard-Moody Imagine a book that is based on a conversation between two of the most insightful minds in rowing and you have Faster Masters. Marlene Royle’s observations are based on a deep understanding of how athletes move boats. Rebecca Caroe asks all the questions we want answered and adds her own insights. I consider Faster Masters to be among the best sculling and rowing “books” on the market.

Sterling Lanken I’m loving Faster Masters so far. Marlene explains how to make small changes in technique to increase boat speed and how to figure out where to start. She stands out as a coach by focusing on how technique improvements will feel for the athlete instead of only describing what a perfect stroke looks like. Faster Masters contains a wealth of information including drills, workouts, fitness assessment and race planning.

2 reviews for Faster Masters Intro Membership

  1. Robert Bell

    good. Does not cover issues that I wanted however. e.g.: more blade work, posture

  2. Keith Chrisman

    How can I rate it if I haven’t joined yet? Did I do something wrong?

    • Rebecca Caroe

      Keith, that’s odd. Let us investigate – it may just be the default shop software assuming you are reviewing…Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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