Sculling with long finger nails – ladies only!

We got sent this photo by a reader who says she had no problem at all sculling with long finger nails.

What’s your experience? Do you scratch the back of your hands or knuckles on your right hand?

My coach never told me to cut my nails (he did say spit out chewing gum tho!)

Sculling with long finger nails
Sculling with long finger nails

2 thoughts on “Sculling with long finger nails – ladies only!

  1. Lewin says:

    Cutting your nails is probably the easiest thing to do, or taking up sweep oar….. but for a helpful idea, you can always remember that you do not “have to” have you hands locked together as they overlap each other on the drive and recovery. It does however provide a very useful reference point to ensure that your blades are at the same height and thus you have drawn up/tapped down equally.

    But what if you took a washer out from under your stroke side rigger (that’s the one the goes in your right hand and is coloured green (red/green there’s a helpful colour differentiation if you are colour blind) if like me you get confused) and raise your bow rigger by the same amount. This means you will be aiming for a useful knuckle scrape saving inch or so between your hands at overlap, AND….. if you are down on stroke side (right hand people, stay with me here because I am having to mimic the rowing stroke as I write) you will be able to raise that hand slightly in order to correct that without clashing.


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