RP3 takes Calvin Tarczy from Zero to Hero

World rowing, Calvin Tarczy, GB Rowing, RP3, Rowperfect

Calvin Tarczy is a junior international who represented Great Britain in the 4- winning gold this summer.  He studies at St Paul’s School in London and is coached by Bobby Thatcher – himself a former international coached by Harry Mahon on the first generation of Rowperfects. 

Calvin attributes his success at stepping up to selection by GB Rowing in part to RP3.  Here’s his story.

World rowing, Calvin Tarczy, GB Rowing, RP3, Rowperfect
JM4- World Rowing Junior Championships in Trakai, Lithuania Picture by Naomi Baker

I’ve had a really good time rowing this year with some ups and downs along the way. It has been my first year at St Paul’s and I have really enjoyed the program and the style of rowing here. The season didn’t get off to the best start but we built on our mistakes, which culminated in winning Championship eights at national school’s for the first time in the school’s history.  On top of this, the training I was doing and the coaching I was receiving helped improve my technical rowing which ultimately led to me winning the junior world championships this summer.

Progress over a year

12 months ago I wasn’t rowing that well and was essentially using my size to lump myself around on the water. Around Christmas time the school bought four RP3s, which I immediately took up using as they allowed me to see an in-depth analysis of my stroke, every stroke.

This allowed me to see the effect of the changes I was making.  I was then able to apply the feeling I got on land to the boat, so that I could take that onto the water with me. Throughout the year, I did steady state UT2 on the RP3 to make sure that I was constantly reinforcing the right movement [pattern] through the drive and the recovery.

Coaching Rowing on the RP3

My coach, Bobby Thatcher, really helped me get going on the RP3 and guided me to the correct stroke so that I knew the feeling I was aiming for and could then try and replicate that through UT2. I also had a really good pairs partner, Douwe de Graaf, whom I could feel leading me to the right stroke whenever I rowed with him. On top of this, throughout the year I was the second ranked bow sider behind Casper Woods, and this really pushed me to improve my rowing so that I could be at the same level as him. Both Casper and Douwe rowed in the coxless four with me this summer which really highlighted the excellent work Bobby is doing at St Paul’s. It was also really helpful to have such a strong group of guys surrounding me in the eight at school. The atmosphere they provided really reinforced the attitude we needed to go quickly.

I’ve really enjoyed this season at St Paul’s and I am looking forward to seeing what we can do next season. There is going to be a lot of competition for seats and I think this could really drive the level of rowing up, higher than it has been before.


P.S. we were only joking about “zero”  Calvin was already a very talented athlete.

If you’d like a RP3 to try out in your club for a fortnight fill in this – Rowperfect Demo Agreement – and send to Paul Doleman in the Rowperfect UK office.

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