RP3 rating jumping problem

When I use the RP3 for steady state rowing or hard pieces, the unit occasionally and sometimes often adds an extra stroke which registers in the RP3 app on the Acer monitor that I have at splits 10-15 seconds below what I am doing currently and also upsets the readings for rating (tends to jump up to read 366 spm) and the stroke length (usually goes from 136cm to 7cm). I am not sure if this is a software or hardware issue. Can you help?

I have to say that I’ve personally not had that particular issue occur to me while training.

I have one suggestion which is to check the interface pickup sensor distance from the fly wheel,  It needs to be 1-2 mm away from the magnets embedded in the flywheel – if you upend your RP (possibly take it off the bar) you should be able to see where it goes through the side of the main frame toward the flywheel.  There is a small screw which can be used to adjust the distance it inserts in the hole.

It is possible that it’s drifted too far out and that it’s giving erratic pick up readings.

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