Clubs Owning and Using RP

These are from our sales records.  It is possible some RPs have changed hands.  Some are individually owned; others are club owned. Those outside UK are only known to us through direct contact.

National / Regional Rowing Associations

  • Amateur Rowing Association / GB Rowing [especially Alan Campbell]
  • The National Rowing Academy, Scotland
  • Northern Rowing Council, UK [has loan Rowperfect machines for clubs in their area]
  • Avon County Rowing Association

England and Wales Clubs (and affiliated)

  • Agecroft Rowing Club
  • Avon County Rowing Association
  • Bradford Amateur Rowing Club
  • Burton Leander Rowing Club
  • Calpe Rowing Club, Gibraltar
  • Cambridge 99 Rowing Club
  • City of Cambridge Boat Club
  • Dorney Boat Club
  • Henley Rowing Club
  • Hexham Rowing Club
  • Kingston Rowing Club
  • Leander Club
  • Llandaff Rowing Club
  • London Rowing Club
  • London Regatta Centre & Royal Docks Boat Club
  • Loughborough  Boat Club
  • Maidenhead Rowing Club
  • Marlow Boat Club
  • Minerva Bath Rowing Club
  • Molesey Rowing Club
  • Mortlake Anglian and Alpha Rowing Club
  • Peterborough City Rowing Club
  • Reading Rowing Club
  • Royal Navy Rowing Club
  • Southampton Amateur Rowing Club
  • Thames Rowing Club
  • Tideway Scullers School
  • Trafford Rowing Club
  • Upper Thames Rowing Club
  • Vesta Boat Club
  • Wallingford Rowing Club
  • Worcester Rowing Club
  • Walbrook and Royal Canoe Club
  • Yare Boat Club
  • York City Boat Club

Scottish Clubs

  • Aberdeen Rowing Club
  • Clyde Amateur Rowing Club
  • George Watsons College Boat Club
  • Glasgow Rowing Club
  • Inverness Rowing Club
  • Nithsdale Amateur Rowing Club

University Clubs

  • Bailliol College Boat Club, Oxford
  • Brasenose College Boat Club, Oxford
  • Bristol University Boat Club
  • Caius Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Cambridge University Boat Club
  • Christs College Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Clare Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Downing College Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Durham University Rowing Club
  • Emmanuel College Boat Club, Cambridge
  • First and Third Trinity Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Glasgow University Boat Club
  • Imperial College Boat Club
  • Jesus College Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Lady Margaret Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Magdalene College Boat Club, Cambridge
  • New College Boat Club, Oxford
  • Oxford University Boat Club
  • Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club
  • Peterhouse Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Selwyn College Boat Club, Cambridge
  • Staffordshire University Boat Club
  • UMIST Boat Club
  • University of London Rowing Club
  • University of Newcastle Boat Club
  • University of Reading Boat Club
  • University of Sunderland Rowing Club
  • Wadham College Boat Club, Oxford
  • Worcester Sports Performance Centre, University of Worcester

School Clubs

  • Abingdon School Boiat Club
  • American School in London Boat Club
  • Bedford High School Boat Club
  • Bedford School Boat Club
  • Bryanston School Boat Club
  • Canford School Boat Club
  • Cheltenham College Boat Club
  • Cheltenham Ladies College Boat Club
  • Dulwich College Boat Club
  • Eton College Boat Club
  • George Watsons College Boat Club
  • Grange School Rowing Club
  • Hampton School Boat Club
  • Headington School Boat Club
  • Kings College School Wimbledon Boat Club
  • Kings School Canterbury Rowing Club
  • Kings School Chester Rowing Club
  • Kingston Grammar School Boat Club
  • Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club
  • Latymer Upper School Rowing Club
  • London Oratory School Boat Club
  • Monkton Bluefriars School Boat Club
  • Pangbourne College Boat Club
  • Radley College Boat Club
  • Shiplake College Boat Club
  • St Edward’s School Oxford Boat Club
  • St Leonard’s School Boat Club
  • St Paul’s School Boat Club
  • Westminster School Boat Club
  • Windsor Boys School Boat Club
  • Wycliffe Sculling Centre
  • Irish Clubs

Portadown Rowing Club

Muckross Rowing Club

Galway Rowing Club

University of Limerick

Neptune Rowing Club

Trinity College Dublin Boat Club

New Zealand Clubs

  • New Zealand Rowing Association
  • Auckland Rowing Club
  • Star Boating Club
  • Otago University Rowing Club
  • Otago Rowing Club
  • Wanaka Rowing Club
  • Christs College School
  • Auckland Regional Performance Centre
  • Central Regional Performance Centre

South African Clubs

  • Rowing South Africa

Swiss Clubs

  • Seeclub Biel

USA Clubs

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