Rowperfect brings you Olympic Blogging summary

The best new thing about the Rowing Regatta at the Beijing Olympics will be the improved online content and individualview points enabled by the social media tools now being used by athletes and journalists.

Rowperfect will be live blogging the regatta daily.

And we want to bring you an easy summary of the other places where rowers are writing about what's going on for their Olympic Regatta.  Please let us know if you find more we haven't listed.

Blogger Athletes from Beijing

Frances Houghton GB W4x on the BBC

Tom James GB M4- on his own site

Drew Ginn Australia M2- on his own site

Duncan Free Australia M2- on his own site 

Jochen Kuehner Germany LM4- on Rowperfect

Richard Chambers GB LM4- on the Guardian

Adam Kreek Canada M8+ on CBC 

Jason Read USA M8+ on WSJ's China Journal 

Row2k has three bloggers: Heather Mandoli from Canada W8+

Mahe Drysdale New Zealand M1x on New Zealand Olympic Committee site.  Mainly a photo blog 

Other online Rowing information sources about the Beijing Regatta 

A company, Lenovo, has given its laptops to a range of athletes including TJ and Ginn.  Link to all rowing bloggers on Lenovo  and a link to all the Voices of the Olympic Games bloggers on Lenovo.  Pretty interesting having so many different sports and countries and languages.

BBC Rowing summary page is good for online Rowing aggregated information from all its sources
Fan Blog – Nick heathcote , whose brother, Alastair is in the GB 8

Rowperfect Twitter stream for micro-blog updates (you can sign up to receive them as SMS messages on your mobile phone).

Now if you want to watch live sport in the UK here's some places to find it: 


BBC Coverage
Mainly satellite / cable and Freeview 3. They also promise live webstream

And of course the BBC iPlayer will allow you to watch up to a week later.

Schedule for Olympic sports on the BBC
for both weeks

The opening ceremony BBC1 12.45 Friday 9th August 

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