Go Rowing with a Stylish Flair – Watershoes and Wellies

Gosch Shoes Sylt Women's Boots Rubber Boots Waterproof Green

Who says dressing practically has to mean sacrificing style? Certainly not us rowers. We are wearing our rowing gear including sneakers or boring water shoes. Not very innovative. And that is were fashion could start. Read this post about stylish rubber boots.

“Like many rowers, I spend a fair bit of time wading around in the river and, like many rowers, I’m a little bit obsessed by wellies and waterproofed shoes. Needless to say, I’ve developed some fairly strong views on what wellies (or rain boots, as I believe my American friends call them) are the best for rowing.

What makes a good Rubber boot?

Ladies rubber boots with zipper in light green
Rowperfect Water and Rain boots

“First and foremost, they must be long enough. I can’t be doing with wellies that only come half way up your calf. I’m told by a fashionista friend that this is more flattering, but soggy socks are not a good look by anybody’s standards.

Equally importantly, they have to be easy to slip on and off. Nothing worse than faffing around in the boat trying to haul off your wellies just as the boat is being pushed off.

No Rain Boot. Why are we dong this to us?

Third, they should be foldable so that you can stow them in the boat, unless you’re one of those types who throw their wellies on to the bank for everyone else to trip over (you know who you are – stern look).

Fourthly, they should be a balance between affordable and sturdy. Contrary to popular belief, most rowers are not rich so we can’t all splash out (if you’ll forgive the pun) on expensive boots, but at the same time the cheapest ones, as I earned to my cost this summer, perish quickly and soon start to leak.

Go rowing with a stylish flair

Low Angle Rubber Boots – very stylish

Finally, being horribly vain, they must be either beautiful or match my kit. One or the other; I don’t mind which. I’m not good enough at rowing to get away with the “chuck any old kit on and still look good on the water”.  So, I’m sticking with fashion and wellies must look fabulous to earn my love.”

Wellies or rubber shoes for rowing?

Wellies in the Boathouse

Well, it depends on what you want or what you need it for. Looking into the Rowperfect store, there are very fashionable Chelsea shoes and wonderful Wellies. Some usually prefer rubber shoes whenever they spectate  a regatta. No sense in walking through the mud with normal street shoes.

Two of my friends in our club fell in love with the longer flowery beauties, but it’s only fair to tell you that not everyone shared their feelings. Anyway, when I took this picture, and as far as I was concerned, they fulfilled the visual criteria.

As to cost, this, I’m afraid is the one area which is very different. You get the classic Hunter Boots but also lots of alternatives which are more cost sensitive. Gosch e.g one of the most well known brand in Europe offers Wellies starting at 49.00 £.

 taken and edited from Patricia Carswell, Girl on the river

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