Rowing DVDs

Rowing DVDs

The titles in our collection of rowing DVDs will help you to increase your fitness, as well as improving your rowing and sculling technique. Browse our full range in the shop.

Most popular DVDs:

  • Rowing and Sculling: Techniques in Action Presented by Paul Thompson this DVD gives a unique opportunity to see the techniques of Britain’s best rowers in training and to hear tips and advice from them and their coaches.
  • Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique Vol 1 The 2 hour 45 minute tape records two sessions in which he sets out his rowing technique principles and then shows videos of athletes and crews he coached illustrating its application in practice.
  • Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique Vol 2  Martin McElroy coached with Harry Mahon from 1998 to 2001. This film of Martin talking at the 2002 Rowperfect Seminar was filmed when he was probably the most expert in Harry’s coaching technique. The DVD shows Martin explaining the technique coaching used on the British 8 leading up to their Olympic Gold Medal win at Sydney in 2000. Martin and Harry co-coached the crew.  Martin uses the Rowperfect to show some of the technical points, he draws graphs and explains how Harry and he taught the crew the technique required.

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