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Dry bag rowing 5 liter Rowtex

Announcing the Rowing Dry Bag designed by rowers.  We loved Rowtex when they created gloves for rowing – then they added the perfect rowers Anorak…. and the team hasn’t been idle over the summer.  They just announced their Dry Bags.

New Rowing Dry Bag

There are two sizes – one for going in the boat with you which is 5 litres volume.  It’s red and has a simple fold and clasp closure plus a strong belt you can wrap around the foot stretcher or wing rigger for security.  Personally, I like the “window” behind which you can put your mobile phone and the touch screen works through the window so you don’t have to open the bag to start your GPS.

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And the 25 litre Rowtex Dry Bag is a subsitute kit bag.  This one is a tube – and they realise how hard it is to find something at the bottom of the bag – so there’s a clear strip down the length of the bag so you can easily see what’s at the bottom!dry bag, rowing dry bag, Rowtex bag, dry rowing clothes dry bag, rowing dry bag, Rowtex bag, dry rowing clothes  The green and red strips around the opening are a nice touch for rowers and align with other little detailing on the other Rowtex products.

Choose the Dry Bag to suit you

Now there is a choice – the Wigglefish fun range and the heavy duty Rowtex range.  Remember Wigglefish was developed for Rhine river swimmers to keep their kit with them while they swim downstream.

Wigglefish offer a small, medium and large dry bag and also a backpack.

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