Rowing and Aging

ROWING & AGING Project Update by Tara Morgan:

Rowing when over 50
Rowing when over 50
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In just 2 weeks, we’ve received over 50 responses from retired and current rowers all over the world!  We want to hear from you, no matter your age or current status.

Participants have given us so many good stories and tips on how to stay in the boat as long as possible, plus a few very eloquent descriptions of the elusive Perfect Stroke like this one: “I am a minister and sometimes preach about the perfect stroke. It is total physical synchronization with the boat, the oars, and the water. It is also a moment of absolute spiritual connection. – Nancy from Rhode Island. 

Tell us your story here: and then listen in on June 8 to the Rowing & Aging RowingChat Podcast with Coach Tara and Rowperfect UK.

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