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A Rower’s Resolution

I’ve given you a couple of weeks but now it’s time to ask:  How are those New Year … read more

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I’ve given you a couple of weeks but now it’s time to ask:  How are those New Year resolutions coming on?  You did make some, didn’t you? Can you remember what you wanted to be in those giddy moments after the clock struck twelve? Now the next question: did you take yourself seriously?

Because seriously means making a plan and taking steps.  Seriously means setting a start date and a deadline.  Seriously can take one simple idea and turn it into an entire campaign with strategies and tactics.  Seriously means more than ‘I wish . . . ‘ or  ‘I hope . . .’ or ‘I’m going to try .. .’.

Are there special rower resolutions out there?  Well, Mahe, Alan and Ondrej are probably all thinking ‘I’m going to win Olympic gold this year’ but the mortals amongst us might need something a little less challenging.

What about this: I’m going to eat breakfast this year.  Not mine, one of my rowers who “can’t” eat in the morning; breakfast before training makes her feel nauseous, has her gagging.  What’s turning out to be a bigger problem though is that she’s running out of energy in the session and then during the day.  And even if she doesn’t feel herself getting slower, the boat does and sooner or later her crew will start making the connection.  Especially now that the racing season is upon us and crew selections are being made.

So what can she do?

First the lists!

  1. What breakfast can do for me:  fuel my training session more energy=better scores/performances better crews better races medals? And more energy=better endurance better crew member better friend more fun!
  2. Why not before : not enough time to digest; eaten in a hurry; not the right food; too solid; not used to it
  3. What else needs to change?

That last one is the biggie.  Look at those why-nots.  If we’re training at 8am what time do you get up?  How much time have you allowed for eating? And if we change training to 6am do you still have the same amount of time?  And if we’re training at 6am what are you doing at 10pm?  And if it’s not sleeping when could you have done whatever you’re doing earlier?  And if you’re not eating breakfast what are you eating?  And when are you eating it? And what are your crew mates eating? Is there something there that you could try?

And, and, and . . . so it turns out that eating breakfast in the morning involves gaining more time by packing your training gear at night after a light supper; packing your post-training snack at the same time; making sure that there is something you like, something easily digestible there ready in the kitchen – all before you go to bed at 9pm.  There are other people involved: who does the grocery shopping? Who prepares the meals? Who sets your daily programme at work, school, training? Who do you spend your free time with?  Who’s helping, who’s hindering?

Phew!  who needs more than one resolution! Not when one small but serious change has so much impact on the way you live – sorry, on the way you were living.

Happy New Year and all the best for those changes you’re making.


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