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Hire A Coach

It’s difficult to gain access to world renowned rowing coaches. It’s even more difficult to find a coach that’s right for you. We know this, and that’s why we’ve scoured the globe to find fantastic rowing coaches for everything from both heavyweight and lightweight sculling, to nutrition, to coxing coaches and rowing psychologists – then made them available to you right here on our website.

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How does hiring a rowing coaching work?

We know some of the best rowing coaches in the business, and we communicate with them regularly over Skype and by email. We’ve found the same communication platforms can be used to effectively coach every corner of rowing training and so now great coaching expertise is available at your fingertips online. If a coach is in your local area they may be able to meet up with you in person to train you as well! Here’s how to hire your new rowing coach…

1. Think about what you want to learn – are you a novice lightweight sculler? You might need more help managing your food intake, or perfecting that stroke. The first step to hiring your rowing coaching is understand what you need to learn and improve upon.

2. Find your perfect coach – now that you know what you want to learn, you can browse our selection of coaches and read their profiles to find a coach that suits you. They all have specializations, different experiences and different countries of origin where they perfected their coaching.

3. Look at what training they offer and how much training you want – each coach has a single purchase unit price. They offer different services for different numbers of units. Look at what services you’d like and then purchase the number of units you need to hire your perfect rowing coach.

4. You’re learning with your perfect rowing coach! – once your purchase is confirmed we’ll have you in touch with your rowing coach in a flash. They’ll go through the list of services you’d like and begin improving your rowing life.


What can I learn?

Rowing technique for scull and sweep, both lightweight and heavyweight – first and foremost, we have a slew of expert coaches available to dive into your athletic rowing technique and perfect your form. If you’re a lightweight sculler you may want to see John Faulkner. If you want to focus on technique that makes the boat go faster, Peter Mallory could be your next coach.

Coxing technique and skills – coxswains have a tough job as it is, but this isn’t made any easier by the lack of coxswain coaching available in general. Expert coxswain coach Chelsea Dommert has added her expertise to our Hire A Coach programme to bring coxswains better coaching.

Coaching for coaches – are you a coach looking to improve on how you hone and perfect your athletes? Duncan Holland, the coach of coaches, is available here to help guide you to a better coaching career, helping improve your athletes as a result.

Balanced and effective nutrition for rowers – if you’re finding yourself too tired for training or not building up power and muscle sufficiently, it might be your diet getting in the way. Sports nutritionist coach Joy Skipper is available to support you with a new and effective diet that complements your athletic needs.

Rowing physiology – different training styles work for different athletes to achieve similar results. What you need is a physiologist that will guide you toward better exercises and training methods to improve the rowing skills you most need help with. When looking for the right training programme it would pay to talk to sports physiologist Elias Lehtonen.

We have many more coaches with different skill sets and levels of expertise, so browse our full selection and see which coach best suits you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet these coaches face to face if they live nearby? – Yes! Although, while many of them will be happy to meet in person, it’s up to each coach to approve.

2 thoughts on “Hire A Rowing Coach

  1. kulsoom asad says:

    I am looking for some private rowing sessions for my son. He is a rower but over the holidays would like to train with a coach to improve his technique. We live in Chester.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi, I am looking for a rowing coach for my daughter to improve confidence and sculling technique She rows for University and is on a gap year at the moment. We live between York and Hull.

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