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Winning Head Races Book


“Winning Head Races”, 120 pages with 67 diagrams and illustrations by Carlo Zezza.


Page 2. – Racing the Clock – a different mind-set

Page 3. – Pacing – using ATP-CP  at the start and in the race.  Finishing strong on ’empty’;

Page 11. – Boats & Fins – stability, shape, turning, & drag;  an easy way to save seconds

Page 21. – Oars & Rigging – adapting for a long hard row

Page 25. – Weight – seconds per pound

Page 27. – Learning the Course – learn or be lost

Page 28. – Mirror – better than looking backwards

Page 30. – Turning – shorter is better … but a fast eight needs space to turn

Page 38. – Risk-Reward – good chances & bad ones

Page 42. – Seeding & the Broken Accordion – what to do, when chaos happens

Page 42. – Passing – choosing the best way past

Page 44. – Taking the Inside – when slow can be faster than go, for small boats

Page 47. – Being Passed – the right way….   and the slow way

Page 53. – Avoiding contact – anticipating mistakes

Page 58. – Collisions – getting untangled

Page 65. – Training for Long Distance – balancing aerobic & high intensity exercise; ageing and distance

Page 75. – Race Preparation – a check list

Page 77. – Summing Up – seconds to save


I. Strength Training – does it help? or hurt?

II. Starting with the Mirror – step-by-step how-to for small-boat rowers

III. Stake Turn Technique – the quickest way to turn around

IV. More about Fins – how fins work & a gallery of fin fashions

V. Course Notes – four memorable long distance courses

  • Armada Cup Wohlensee, Bern
  • Silverskiff, Po River, Turin
  • Head of the River  Tideway, London
  • Head Of The Charles Charles River, Boston
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