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Tips & Tricks for Lightweight Rowers


Over the years Rowperfect UK have written blog posts for and taken interviews with rowing lightweights sharing tips and tricks for rowing. This eBook pulls all that content together into one easy place where lightweight rowers all over the world can get better informed about how to succeed in lightweight rowing.

3 reviews for Tips & Tricks for Lightweight Rowers

  1. John Faulkner

    Great idea with the book about rowing lightweight rowing,
    I’ve been coaching lightweights since 1977 so I’m looking forward to seeing the findings.
    Thanks for this!

  2. John Faulkner

    Good idea with this ebook helping out the lightweights,
    It’s so important in coming down in weight the correct way,
    I’ve been coaching the lightweights since 1977 and have seen and made errors
    on my way.
    Good reading!

  3. John Faulkner

    Great program

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