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The Sport of Rowing – By Peter Mallory – UK CUSTOMERS ONLY



The Sport of Rowing, Two Centuries of Competition tracks the history of rowing from its beginnings as a sport at Eton College in England in the 1790s. It contains timeless stories, anecdotes and compelling tales, some told for the very first time, as well as images from historic films and photos, many long forgotten, along with the words of athletes and coaches who have made rowing history. The book also addresses how the great historic boats actually rowed, a subject which has never before been fully explored.


This book is the first and possibly the last ever to attempt to trace the path of rowing history in such detail. For anyone who has ever rowed, who has ever known anyone who rowed, who has ever admired anyone who rowed, who has ever tried to understand anyone who rowed, this is a book to be treasured. It contains the triumphs and heartbreaks of two centuries. It contains the wisdom of heroes. The Standard Edition is four paperback volumes, 8? x 11″. The set weighs 17 pounds and contains 2,500 pages with black and white illustrations throughout. We expect there will only be 1,000 copies printed, so be warned that this book is expected to sell out.

“What a herculean effort! So well done!” – Allen Rosenberg, legendary Olympic and World Champion U.S. Coach

“Magnificent!” – Jurgen Grobler, Great Britain Men’s Head Coach

“Extraordinary!” – Paul Thompson, Great Britain Women’s Head Coach

“I have learned so much from what you have written. The amount of time you have given to this project is impressive. Your work humbles me.” – Mike Spracklen, Canada Men’s Head Coach

“You are doing a lot and a great job!” – Igor Grinko, China Head Coach

“Thank you again for your great work. I am going to buy this book!” – Hartmut Buschbacher, Germany Head Coach

“Peter, if you hadn’t written this, my little bit of rowing history would not have been recorded. I so appreciate what you have done.” – Joan Lind Van Blom, 1976 & 1984 U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist

“You should feel very proud to have recorded for the first time and in such a professional and personal manner the memories and experiences of so many elite competitors in the rowing world. From day one you developed a special bond with these proud athletes and coaches, and you won their trust and respect, and that has allowed the personal dialogue to flow. This has resulted in a truly unique rowing book which gives a remarkable insight into our wonderful sport at the very highest level.” – Tony Brook, 1982 World Champion New Zealand Eight

Published by The River and Rowing Museum.